Week 14 Player Profiles

gibbo 2

Name: Shawn Gibson
Nick Name: Gibbo
Occupation: Laboratory Coordinator
Position Played: What ever works best for the team.
AFL Club Supported: Port Power.
Role with the Club: A-Grade Playing Coach
If you could invite any five people to dinner, who would they be?  I think I would enjoy a good laugh sitting with the Seinfeld crew at the “Restaurant” in NYC. Jerry, Kramer, George, Elaine and Jacinta of course!
Who inspires you and why? Many people have and will, but currently my good mate Benny K continues to inspire and teach me a lot by just being himself.  Since day one he has approached his fight with Melanoma with a super positive attitude and still remains to put others (especially family) before himself. He is currently kicking “melanoma’s” arse with that same attitude, unselfishness, and current treatment. Nice work mate!
Who’s your most annoying teammate and why? It changes from week to week depending on the poor excuse for not making training.
Who’s your funniest teammate and why? There’s a few but Ash Winders is always having a good time, quality dry sense of humour. He has the gift of being the funny guy without having to be the centre of attention.

*He always has hundreds of golf balls to spare.

* Sprays weeds/lawn for local publicans. (mad Monday)

* He can out drink Brad Currie.

* He can pick 9 out of 10 in Keno.

What’s the funniest moment in your football career: Off-field Probably Brendan Ackland’s pre-game Deaf Joke. On-Field, Ryan Mcdermid’s face-plant over the fence whilst trying to take a mark was pretty funny. Another team mate did it years ago and they were both as funny as each other once you knew they were actually alright!
What’s the proudest moment in your football career? First (2000) A-Grade premiership as a teenager was pretty special, especially after losing a team-mate in a car accident a few weeks before hand. And the 2012 premiership  as a  playing coach at Min-Man is right up there too.


Name: Karen Palmer
Nick Name: Chicken
Occupation: Student
Court Position: GK, GD
Netball Club Supported (e.g. Thunderbirds) Thunderbirds
Role with the Club: Player
If you could invite any five people to dinner, who would they be?  Megan Jones, my parents and my brother and sister.
What age did you start playing Netball? 6
What is the best thing about playing Netball? Making new friends with people that I would otherwise not have met and being a part of an amazing club and team.
Who’s your most inspiring Netballer & why (Anyone, doesn’t have to be in our club) All my coaches that I have had over the past 11 years. They have taught me so much and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.
What motivates you to keep playing? Love of the game, keeping fit and having fun
What’s the proudest moment in your netball career? Winning the C2 premiership undefeated in 2014


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