Playing Memberships

Football and Netball Registrations and Non-Playing Memberships NOW OPEN

A reminder that it is compulsory that all Football and Netball players as well  as coaches, team managers, trainers, runners, volunteers etc. need to be registered before taking the field/court.

No Registration = No Play!


Senior and Junior* members please go to the below link to register for the 2020 Season.

Football Registrations

If you are an existing player/member, please login with the email address and password used last year. If you have changed your email address please contact Vicki for assistance.

If you are new to the club please email Aaron Ackland with your Full Name, DOB and Previous Club played for, which will allow clearance forms to be completed.


Auskick registrations are through their own system.

Please refer to the following link: Auskick registration

*Please pay particular attention to Under 9 and Auskick registrations. In a nutshell, if you wish for your child to participate in games on Saturday, they must register as an under 9 player to be covered by insurance. If you are unsure about which registration is right for you, please contact either Brendan Ackland or Vicki Couch prior to registration.

Northern Plains Female Football League

The 2020 Northern Plains Female Football League competition will be a 10-week season, commencing on Sunday the 26th of April

Registrations for MinMan’s U17 and U14 female football teams are now open. Please refer to the following link: Female football league registration

For assistance or further information please contact either Troy Camilleri or Vicki Couch

Coaches, Officials, Umpires and Volunteers (Football)

Please use the above ‘Football Registrations’ link to register within the club. If registering as a team manager, trainer, runner or other volunteer please select Volunteer as the registration type so that you are able to be added to match day paperwork as required.


Please click on the below link to login and register as a player for yourself and/or your child/ren. **J4 and J5 players must register through the NetSetGo in the ‘GO’ registration

Netball Registration

Please ensure that all information is correct when registering, as this is used by NENA throughout the year.

If you are an existing player, please login as an ‘Existing Player’. Your Login ID is your participant ID and password is the same one as last year. If you have forgotten either of these please email Robyn and she can resend both of these details to you.

If you are new to the club (senior or junior), and have not already done so please send Robyn an email with your Full Name, DOB and Previous Club played for. This will allow Robyn to transfer you to MinMan (there is a 5 day transfer wait), she will then send you an email directly with your Participant ID and Password.

Net Set Go*

Net Set Go registrations are through their own system.

Please refer to the following link: NetSetGO

If you have participated in NetSetGo before please login as a ‘Return User’. Otherwise new players login under ‘First Time Participant’

Coaches and Umpires (Netball)

If you want to be covered as an umpire or coach (not including player coaches) than please register on the above link and see Robyn after.

Sports Vouchers

Mintaro Manoora Sporting Club are again accepting the OARS Sports Vouchers which will allow primary school age children from Reception to Year 7 to receive a $100 discount off sports club/membership fees. When registering in the netball system, please choose the ‘Sports Voucher’ from the ‘Options’ toolbar as well as ‘Junior Registration’. In the Football system, this will be an optional question that will then link to the appropriate registration.

For futher details on registration types, age groups and fees, please see the following document; Registrations and Memberships 2020

All registrations and memberships are online and must be paid at the time of registration.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact either:

Robyn Faulkner (Netball)


Vicki Couch (Football).

Wishing you all the best for the 2020 Season!