MinMan Sporting Club Person of the Year

This award is not for the person who just does the role that they are asked to do or volunteer to do.

It is an award that recognises a commitment to the Club in an outstanding way which might be described as over and above what was expected of them.

Attributes for Club Person of the Year.

· Member of Min Man Sporting Club

· Positive attitude & demeanor

· Willingness to carry out duties

· Outstanding commitment to the Club over-time

Previous Recipients:

2023                    Victoria Kenny        

2022                    Bernie Masterman

2021                    Nathan & Renae Voigt

2020                    Matthew & Amanda Miles

2019                    Brett & Bek Holland

2018                    Greg & Abby Schwartz

2017                    Vicki & Graham Couch

2016                    Annie Durkay

2015                    Jake & Annie Nicholls

2014                    Kylie Dickson

2013                    Aaron & Kathrynn Ackland

2012                    Anita & Daniel Fogden