Week 13 Player Profiles


Name: Colby Mark Ackland
Nick Name: Colb’s
Grade / Position Played:  U/12 Wing
AFL Club Supported: Crows
If you could meet 2 people, who would they be & Why?  Taylor Walker. He seems like a good bloke and he can teach me things about football. Vin Diesel. So he can teach me to drive.
What’s the best thing about playing Football? Get to play sport with my  friends.
Who’s your favourite AFL player & why? Rory Sloan because he is very good and he’s a nice guy
What is your Football dream? To win a Grand final for Adelaide Crows
What do you love most about playing at Min-Man? Playing with my friends, helping Frankie in the kitchen and any job that keeps me from from going home.


Name: Jana Dixon
Nick Name: Janz
Occupation: Student and Waitress
Court Position: WD
Netball Club Supported: Thunderbirds and Diamonds
Role with the Club: Player and Supporter
If you could invite any five people to dinner, who would they be? Obama, Zac Efron, Rodger Federer, Cathy Freeman, Kim Kardashian
What age did you start playing Netball? 6
What is the best thing about playing Netball? Being a part of a supportive sporting club; playing netball and socialising with a great group of girls; and playing well individually and as team.
Who’s your most inspiring Netballer & why? Carly Marshall, she is switched on player who is quick on her feet and reads the ball well.
What motivates you to keep playing? Winning a premiership, having fun and keeping fit.
What’s the proudest moment in your netball career? Playing first A1 game and winning U/17 Div 2 Grand Final this year as captain.
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