Round 16 Player Profiles

Thanks to everyone who did a player profile this year!!


Name: Brad Bryksy
Nick Name: Bricka
Occupation: Carpenter
Position : Utility – CHF/CHB/HBF?
AFL Club Supported: Adelaide Crows
Role with the Club: Player, A grade VC, Head of Social Committee
If you could invite any five people to dinner, who would they be? Bernard Fanning Dave Grohl, Mick Jagger, Xavier Rudd, Eddie Vedder

Who inspires you and why? My dad – reminds me not to take the ablilty to play sport with my mates for granted, as that ability could be taken from you when you least expect it!

Who’s your most annoying teammate and why? Ryan McDermid – Why? Not sure where to start really.. this list is endless.. He would probably cry if facebook got deleted!
Who’s your funniest teammate and why? Luke broadbent for sure.. between him and Chris Gerhardy I’ve never met someone who runs a cheeky grin 24/7..
What’s the funniest moment in your football career: On field.. Raz wiping himself out over a fence Off field.. Luke broadbent’s spew in the Robe FC change rooms
What’s the proudest moment in your football career? 2012 A Grade premiership and getting to play some A Grade footy with my uncle (Greg)


Name: Madison Deckert
Nick Name: Maddie D
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator at Jim Barry Wines
Court Position: GD, WD & C
Netball Club Supported: Don’t support a netball club, but I do go for Port Power (Chad Wingard is my favourite player)
Role with the Club: Player
If you could invite any five people to dinner, who would they be?
Katy Perry, Tanya Burr, Jennifer Lawrence, Alex Perry and Chris O’Dowd
What age did you start playing Netball? 10
What is the best thing about playing Netball? Making new friends and keeping fit in Winter!
Who’s your most inspiring Netballer & why: Jen Parish – she is an amazing player. She always gives me great advice and encouragement on and off the court.
What motivates you to keep playing? I love being apart of the Min-Man club. Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging. I couldn’t be playing with a better group of girls and this motivates me to continue playing.
What’s the proudest moment in your netball career? Beating South Clare (top of the ladder and previously undefeated)



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