Netball Coaches

2022 Netball Coaches

A1: Leah Carling and Courtney McDermid
A2: Aleisha Michael
B1: Victoria Hughes
B2: Kerry Hadley and Mollie Verstegen
C1: Lara Smith and Danielle Wells
C2: Mary-anne Schwartz and Jules Weedon
U15: Taylah Smith and Gracie Ross
J1: Mollie Verstegen and Courtney Durkay
J2: Tilly Jacka and Lara Smith
J3: Bec Bryksy
J4: Kristy Schutz
J2: Tilly Jacka and Lara Smith
J5: Brooke Parker
NetSetGo: Merridy Pink and Carla Ackland